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Remembering Jim Ingraham  2/9/23 - 12/27/15

Jim's newest novel, THE CLOSET, is available on Kindle.

Jim Ingraham - The Closet

The first Randa Sorel mystery, EVIDENCE OF EVIL, is available on Kindle and Smashwords along with a new international intrigue novel entitled ARAB.

The latest Randa Sorel mystery, SAHARA DUST, is available in bookstores.

Jim's "A Small Town in Maine," can be found in the American Crime Writers League anthology, MURDER HERE, MURDER THERE, now in bookstores.

Check out the Kirkus review of Sahara Dust

SHE’S GONE is about Netti Quill, a young would-be romance novelist, who mingles with waterfront mobsters in a naïve attempt to acquire experience and atmosphere for her writing. She disappears from an island during a storm, and her wealthy grandmother, who does not believe she was “lost at sea”— a Coast Guard suggestion — hires private investigator Duff Kerrigan to find her. Several murders occur while his search carries him from a small fishing village on the coast of Maine to the sparsely populated north woods near the Canadian border, risking his life because the mobsters think he’s investigating them, not Netti’s disappearance.

THE CLOSET: "Whether he's tracking down an old enemy or going after a new and more powerful one, Duff Kerrigan, PI -- deceptively easy-going but hard as steel -- carries you through a reading experience you'll never forget. Easy to read, brilliantly crafted, completely satisfying. A great story. Duff Kerrigan at his best. Don't miss it.." -- Fran Payson, reader comment
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